Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a most Happy New Year! Praying that 2013 is full of blessings, peace and miracles for everyone. My son is doing very well. He graduated from a 6 month program on 12/12/12. He is allowed to stay with the program and look for a job, so that is what he is doing. I continue to live life one day at a time, and also to lean on God for my peace. My hope for anyone going through the pain of having an addicted loved one is that they would get into Celebrate Recovery, Nar-Anon Family Groups, Al-Anon, a Church, a Meditation group, or any healthy group that lets you know you are NOT ALONE! The only choice we have is to learn to have a peaceful life inspite of what our loved ones are doing. We CANNOT control them or make them better. If we could, we would be doing it-and we would be shouting the solution from the rooftops- at least I know I would, as I wouldn't wish the type of pain you feel when your loved one is addicted, on ANYONE. Learning to take care of ourselves is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our loved ones. Wishing you all a most joyous New Year!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


My son entered a 6 month rehab last week. Feeling VERY grateful... I am so thankful that God has once again given my son the opportunity for more recovery. He had been home with us for the past year, and even though he wasn't sober the entire time, we definitely saw progress in him toward his recovery- if that makes sense. I will never forget a movie that we saw in one of the rehabs our son was in- (it was a class for the families) in this movie was an elderly man talking about his sobriety. He said it took him 11 rehabs before he truly became sober. He said that he had no idea, or explanation, of why 1 through 10 didn't work. I try to remember this... I truly believe that my son will find, and keep, sobriety one day. I just feel it. As always, all of you and your loved ones are in my prayers.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


"This journey is long and draining. Be Mindful of your self care and your own truth."

Very well said, by a great therapist that I know.


We are back on the crazy train again...
Not sure we ever really got off of it...
Same story, different day...
Trying to "help" without enabling...
We know the drill, but still...

Prayers always appreciated!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peace! I feel peace....

I came to my blog today thinking I should update, and I have a "Prayer For Today" widget at the top- here's what it said:

"Lord, may I remember that a setback does not mean utter defeat, but a mere retreat to store up strength and win the battle!" ~ My Prayer For Today

I just love it. Applies to both my son and myself as we each continue on these journeys we call life! I think the reason this prayer caught my attention is that it's been my prayer for my son this time around (and forever) that should he relapse-he seeks the help he needs instead of his usual pattern of falling deeper into the pit. For myself, if I feel old habits and anxieties start to creep in, I know what to do to get myself back on track of healthy thinking.

My son has been home for 3 weeks now, and doing really well. Things feel different this time. His actions are different. It is so darn awesome to be around him when he's sober! I have no false hopes or expectations, I live my life one day at a time. I'm so thankful for my time spent in the rooms of Nar-Anon Family Groups, ever grateful for my faith in God.

So, we will keep on keepin' on!
Blessings to all!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

This will be quick

Almost 3 months since my last post?! Unbelievable...

Not much to report. Life is good!

Son has about a month and a half left in jail. His plan as of now is outpatient, meetings and therapy. I think I mentioned before that he will have a PO this time, something he's never had before. He wants to work with my husband again, not sure if that will happen or not. Not sure where he will live yet. I know many will say he shouldn't live with us (I am one of those "many") but I do believe there is a fine line between enabling and supporting. Oh well, enough of that, I want to enjoy my last month and half before I have to make hard decisions!

Love, Hugs & Prayers to ALL of you reading!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sentencing Next Month

At last Wednesday's court date (the one we couldn't stay for) 5 out of the 6 charges were dropped- so I think it will be a year in County Jail. But we won't know for sure until April 13th- his next court date. He called the other night and said the day he gets out of jail he'd like to go straight to the airport and head out of state, to where we have family (we've offered in the past for him to go to rehab back there). This is the first time he's mentioned it on his own- maybe he's finally realizing he can't keep going back to the same playground if he truly wants to stay clean. Don't know if he'd even be allowed to go to out of state rehab, but I'm glad he's even considering it.