Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Son asked for help!

Just wanted to share the good news that my son called this morning and asked if he could come home and we could talk about detox and rehab.

The timing was perfect, where I could leave work a bit early and go get him.

We went to the ER for detox. From things I've heard, I expected they would admit him immediately and that he'd have to be closely supervised. Not so. I mean, they took all his vitals, asked a bunch of questions, did the urine and lab work and then gave him a shot of something to help with withdrawals. I'm completely blanking on what the shot was... Anyway, it is supposed to get him through the night and then we have to return at 9AM tomorrow to meet with the main detox doctor to discuss further treatment options. My son is requesting inpatient.

I am PRAISING GOD for this progress, as it's what I've been praying for. My exact prayers are that he'd ask us, or someone, for help and that's exactly what he did today! I understand that I have to be realistic and this in no way means that life is perfect from here on out, but FOR TONIGHT, I AM GRATEFUL!

He is snoring away as I type this, and that is music to my ears right now!!

God is great!


  1. oh i am so glad he asked for help. listen do you have insurance for a rehab? there is an online resource called and you can look up the different facilities in your area and maybe even some na meetings for after he gets out. this is of course if the hospital does not have a bed for him, don't give up if he is ready for help you have options. i am so happy for you, let me know if you need any help finding resources.

  2. Thank you so much (((Suzie)))
    I appreciate the website and will definitely check it out. Of course with this economy we are strapped and aren't able to put out much money for a rehab. He may just start in our local outpatient recovery center, until we find an affordable residential recovery center. We don't want too much time to pass without him being in some program. The doctor put him on suboxone, which he'll start weaning off on Saturday.

    Thanks again,

  3. It sounds really good. He is reaching out. That is a good thing. I too am happy for you. I am sure that it feels like a moment of respite from the insanity.

  4. Thanks for sharing this great news!!!! I hope that things continue to go good from this point on. Asking for help is so important.

  5. I'm sorry, that I'm behind on reading blogs. This is wonderful news! Is our local hospital? I can remember when my son finally admitted he had a drug problem and agreed to go into detox. We took him to Oakland, which is the best place we could have gone. I envisioned doctors and nurses hovering around him, but that never happened.
    Detox is rough, and I will pray for you and your son. It's going to get rough, mom, so hang in there. I remember my son calling me on day #3 of his dry detox. He was angry and threatening to walk out of the place. I hung up on him, like his drug counselor advised us to do. It took my son almost ten days to get through the worst of it.

    You've been so strong. I've recorded my journey since April of last year. I've been where you are going... keep blogging, praying and reaching out to folks like us.

    We need to get together, okay? I'm on vacation all of July, so I'd love to meet you face-to-face.