Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!

Once again, I thank each of you for your comments to my last post. It gives me encouragement and support, along with me knowing that I'm not alone. Your comments are priceless to me and I appreciate that you take the time~ I truly do.

I think we are doing pretty darn good! We are heading up to our cabin tonight, a place where we always feel peaceful. Looking forward to that.

I called to check on son yesterday and they said that he made it through detoxing and they are pleased with how he is working his program. They said he's so polite and a real joy to have around. We'll be going down at the end of this month for family time, after his 30 days are up. If all goes well, we'll see him receive his 30 day chip.

I'm trying to just stay in the moment. I'm not awfulizing about what could or might happen. I know the 3 C's, I know this is all up to him. I wish he would've wanted recovery before he had jail looming over his head too (I think Lou mentioned this) I also wish more than anything that he wasn't a drug addict too. I wish a lot of things, but I keep going back to the 3 C's and my only hope at this juncture is that the threat of jail is enough for him to take this seriously. Everyone's bottom is different and I have no idea what his is.

I do believe, no matter what, that some seeds are being planted during his time in this recovery center. That's about all I can hope and pray for.

For now, we've reached that balance of remaining carefully optimistic. Hoping for the best but mentally prepared for the worst (while not dwelling on the worst). It's a hard balance to achieve, but we are doing our best- just as we hope our son is doing.

Filled with hope,


  1. After a time you reach a place where you stop wishing, and are really OK with what is. That was true peace for me.

    No more shoulda, woulda, coulda..just faith and trust that God is the one who knows where the bottom is, and He knows the path up from there.

    You are right that each period of sobriety is a building block of long term recovery. news is good news right now;)

  2. you are where you are supposed to be and so is he, you are an amazing woman with strength you may never understand. i appreciate you and your sharing i hope your son makes it. prayers are always good.

  3. Just know that God is large and in charge. Enjoy your weekend. You deserve it! Your son is in good hands so let him do what he has to do and take care of yourself. I'll continue to pray for you all.

    I just want to encourage you by stating that we can and DO recover. September 15 will be 10 years for me. {{{Hugs}}} to you!

  4. I am so glad to hear you are going to a place that is peaceful and it sounds like you are doing really well with letting go of things you can't change.

    This may so weird, but I posted on my blog (WFIO) today that I am happy my son is in jail. Before I dreaded the fact that he may end up there, now I am thrilled that he's finally got a clear head and is being forced to stay off drugs for awhile. Selfishly, its so peaceful with him not hear causing constant worry and drama for my family.

    I hope your son continues down this path, it sounds very positive!!!!! Big hug to you and him!

  5. I agree with Lou. Just faith and trust in God. And I encourage you, along with Blind Faith. There is hope.

  6. I haven't been around for a couple weeks so hadn't read about all of your new developments. Lots of wonderful comments here and I am praying. You have FUN and some good rest up at your cabin. Savor your time, take good care.

  7. So glad to read that you are "filled with hope." Enjoy this moment, today. You are right that seeds are being planted in you son. God bless- Eli

  8. Just now catching up. I am so glad that things are going well. I think that hope and faith are the things that keep me going. And knowing that I can't change another person, just my attitudes and behavior.

  9. I join the others in being happy to here you positive, your loved one is safe, and you are getting some down time -