Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and let you know that you and your families are always included in my general thoughts and prayers- even though I'm not very active in my blogging. I will be forever grateful for "meeting" all of you here, following your stories, and receiving your support! I spent many dark, dark moments logging on here, and always left feeling less alone and also hopeful- hopeful that I could have a happy life once again. I can honestly say that my life is filled with happiness!

My son will join us for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Is he clean? I don't know and I try to not make it my business. We see him once or twice a month. He doesn't ask us for anything, nor do we give him anything- other than hugs, love and respect. We have created clear boundaries and he doesn't question them. He has been in 3 rehabs in the past 4 years, he has the tools, and he knows where to go for help. He knows that we support his sobriety. We will never stop praying for his sobriety. We will also continue living healthy, happy and full lives- regardless of his choices.

May we all be abundantly blessed with love and peace, not just tomorrow, but every day! ~C